Quick Data View Option to view the data on grid/table row click (Added in v 3.6)

You can set quickView=true to quickly view the table data just below the table on click of row. You can pass quickView=true in constructor function or set it directly in config file. Click on any table/grid row to view this operation in action. You can set the color/css of the table row selected in the style.css file.

                                //pass quickView=true in constructor function or you can set it via config file
                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud(false, "", "", array("quickView" => true));
                                //optional - Enable edit button, make sure to hide save and edit button on form next form
                                //$pdocrud->setSettings("viewEditButton", true);
                                //hide back button
                                $pdocrud->setSettings("viewBackButton", false);
                                //optional: add close button
                                $pdocrud->setSettings("closeButton", true);
                                echo $pdocrud->dbTable("employee")->render();


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# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions
1 8 Florence Merrill 999 Eget Avenue Pawtucket AL 56012
2 9 Vernonx Klein Ap #638-2444 Sem. Rd. Wynne VA 14715
3 114 bo.hong hong sichuan.chengdu chengdu zhognguo 641000
4 12 Ocean Welch Ap #328-4231 Aliquam Ave Durango MN 34848
5 13 Olympia Reid Ap #119-6421 Vulputate St. Laconia AL 42649
6 14 Leigh Madden 1134 Commodo St. Jeannette IN 64702
7 15 Jenna Sims Ap #188-3087 Semper Rd. White Plains CO 51000
8 16 Marsden Mcknight 891-2555 Ligula Av. Peekskill VT 38453
9 17 Demetria Mooney Ap #400-7304 Vehicula Ave Signal Hill GA 32448
10 18 April Copeland P.O. Box 940, 1713 Nunc Rd. White Plains CA 98831
# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions