Easy pie chart Add pie chart from database tables directly using PDO (Added in v 2.2)

Apart from plugin addition, you can using addChart function to generate pie chart/bar/line easily. You just needs to pass type of chart you want to generate and values to be passed. You can pass value as array or from database tables or write query. Below example shows how to add easy pie chart. Please note that each chart/graph library has it's own functions and parameters so you need to pass data accordingly.

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();
                                //function defination of addChart($chartName, $chartType, $dataSource, $key, $val, $bind = "db", $param = array());
                                //pass value as array
                                $pdocrud->addChart("chart1", "easypie", array("val" => 93), "", "", "array");
                                //pass value as database table (similar to field binding)
                                $pdocrud->addChart("chart2", "easypie", "employee", "Id", "Id as empId", "db", array("animate" => "2000"));
                                //Pass value as sql query
                                $pdocrud->addChart("chart3", "easypie", "select count(*) as val from employee where `City`!=''", "", "", "sql", array("animate" => "100"));
                                echo $pdocrud->render("chart", array("chart1", "chart2", "chart3"));