Form Fields Separate form fields for insert and edit form (Addded in v 3.3)

Now you can define the separate form fields for insert and edit forms. As you know, formFields function is used to set both insert and edit form fields but if you want separate fields for the edit form, you can use editFormFields function to define the fields for edit form. If editFormFields function is not defined then formFields function fields will be used for insert and edit form like previously.

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud(); 
                                //set which form fields to display. It sets fields for both insert and edit form.
                                $pdocrud->formFields(array("first_name","last_name","Address")); // function to set form fields in both insert and edit
                                //If you want seperate fields for edit form then insert form, you can set using below function. 
                                $pdocrud->editFormFields(array("first_name","Address"));//added in v 3.3

                                echo $pdocrud->dbTable("employee")->render();


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# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions
1 8 Florence Merrill 999 Eget Avenue Pawtucket AL 56012
2 9 Vernonx Klein Ap #638-2444 Sem. Rd. Wynne VA 14715
3 11 Susan Floyd less 2138 Mauris Rd. Kent SD 94619
4 13 Olympia Reid Ap #119-6421 Vulputate St. Laconia AL 42649
5 14 Leigh Madden 1134 Commodo St. Jeannette IN 64702
6 15 Jenna Sims Ap #188-3087 Semper Rd. White Plains CO 51000
7 16 Marsden Mcknight 891-2555 Ligula Av. Peekskill VT 38453
8 17 Demetria Mooney Ap #400-7304 Vehicula Ave Signal Hill GA 32448
9 18 April Copeland P.O. Box 940, 1713 Nunc Rd. White Plains CA 98831
10 19 Jason Hale Ap #667-483 Vulputate, St. Ventura SC 09689
# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions