PDOCrud Default crud option

PDOCrud is dynamic CRUD generator application. It generates complete crud operation for you. You don't need to write code for CRUD operation(create, read, update, delete) operation. PDOCrud class does every thing on your behalf. All you need to do is to create object of class and call render function on the table for which you want to generate the CRUD operation. i.e. 2 lines of code and all operation of CRUD works.

For generating default crud table, you need to write 2 lines of code. It will create all insert/update/delete and view along with various other controls like pagination, search, records per page, sorting etc. This all options can be customized using various setting options available.

Using PDOCrud, you can build huge forms with many no. of fields in few seconds. You just need to write 2 lines of code and all operations will be managed by the database table. It doesn't matter how big or how small a table is, PDOCrud script generates form easily and also you don't need to write the code for database insert/update/delete/view also. All form submission and operations are done using ajax for faster operations

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();//create object of PDOCrud Class
                                echo $pdocrud->dbTable("employee")->render(); // call render function on database table


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# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions
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2 38 Kuame Huffman 793-1081 In, Av. South El Monte oopl MA 80857
3 133 Douglas Garcia e16 3tb London LONDON E16 3AF
4 43 Zane Calderon 739-7377 Nascetur Rd. Elsmere VA 62940
5 44 Cecilia Carney 3243 Lorem Ave Shawnee NM 22241
6 127 john ka 383 6th St West Cardston Alberta T0K0K0
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8 48 Ris Ayers Ap #948-9845 Mi Avenue Pass Christian OH 72881
9 49 Callum Solomon 178-516 Ultrices. Rd. Fall River MD 03691
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# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions