PDOCrud Multi language data

PDOCrud supports multi language data insertion also. Please make sure the database table "Collation" is correct. By default, character encoding is set to utf8. You can change this encoding as per your requirement using either config or setting.

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();//create object of PDOCrud Class
                                echo $pdocrud->dbTable("multi_lang")->render(); // call render function on database table

Multi lang

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# Id Title Description Actions
1 3 כותרת כותרת
2 4 título título
3 5 заглавие заглавие
4 7 otsikko otsikko
5 8 cím cím
6 9 표제 표제
7 10 ar اللغة العربية
# Id Title Description Actions