PDOCrud Default crud option

PDOCrud is dynamic CRUD generator application. It generates complete crud operation for you. You don't need to write code for CRUD operation(create, read, update, delete) operation. PDOCrud class does every thing on your behalf. All you need to do is to create object of class and call render function on the table for which you want to generate the CRUD operation. i.e. 2 lines of code and all operation of CRUD works.

For generating default crud table, you need to write 2 lines of code. It will create all insert/update/delete and view along with various other controls like pagination, search, records per page, sorting etc. This all options can be customized using various setting options available.

Using PDOCrud, you can build huge forms with many no. of fields in few seconds. You just need to write 2 lines of code and all operations will be managed by the database table. It doesn't matter how big or how small a table is, PDOCrud script generates form easily and also you don't need to write the code for database insert/update/delete/view also. All form submission and operations are done using ajax for faster operations

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();//create object of PDOCrud Class
                                echo $pdocrud->dbTable("employee")->render(); // call render function on database table


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# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions
1 30 Rosalyn Spencer P.O. Box 296, 6612 Est. Ave Eatontown WV 88032
2 31 Shelby Cohen P.O. Box 196, 4793 Volutpat. Rd. Basin IA 03952
3 32 Quinn Wiley P.O. Box 599, 2455 Accumsan Avenue Centennial SC 61389
4 33 Kameko Cox 181-6497 At Rd. Nenana AK 45163
5 34 Brody Mccarty P.O. Box 588, 4717 Tellus. Street Vicksburg NJ 67362
6 35 Lana England 576-4991 Enim Av. Johnstown FL 72504
7 36 Cassandra Graves 1951 Turpis. Street Dickinson MS 14187
8 37 Nicholas Brock 222-910 Amet Rd. Tonawanda IA 04308
9 38 Kuamess Huffman 793-1081 In, Av. South El Monte MA 80857
10 39 Xenos Clarke 437-3387 Arcu Road Newburgh NV 05780
# Id First name Last name Address City State Zip Actions