Plugin calendar example - (added in v 2.3)

This example also demonstrate how to use plugin that are applied to static html elements like div/span etc instead of form elements

                            $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();
                            $pdomodel = $pdocrud->getPDOModelObj();
                            $data["events"] = $pdomodel->executeQuery("select event_id as id, event_title as title, event_date_and_time as start,event_end_date_time as end from eventtable");
                            $html_data = array("
"); echo $pdocrud->render("HTML", $html_data); echo $pdocrud->loadPluginJsCode("fullcalendar","#fullcalendar",$data);//to add plugin call on input[type=text] elements

Plugin calendar example - PDOCrud