Export DB export database

Export database at single click. Please note that it uses shuttle-export-master library to export database. As per limitation of shuttle-export-master library, there is no foreign key constraint exported in database. Please check https://github.com/2createStudio/shuttle-export for more details to avoid any confusion regarding data exported. By default, exported sql file will be saved in downloads folder.

                                $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();
                                     * Export complete database
                                     * @param   string   $filename                          File name 
                                     * @param   string   $includeTables                     Include particular tables
                                     * @param   string   $excludeTables                     Exclude particular tables
                                     * return   object                                      Object of class
                                 //complete path
                                //$pdocrud->exportDB("pdo.sql.gz", array("orders"),array("student"));