Why is PDO Crud the best Crud Generator Plugin?

Why is PDO Crud the best Crud Generator Plugin?

Are you looking for the most useful PHP Crud generators to make your work easier? As there are hundreds of Crud and form builders to choose from, this article can be very helpful for new users to find the right Crud builders for your business.

Possessing the accurate PHP Crud builder or form builder can assist you to grow your online business. For building almost every web application, you need to write many-many lines of codes. You need to perform insertion of data, then updating and deleting the same data, and of course, reading the data from your database tables and displaying it. 

For instance, if you are building a simple school management application and you desire to write code for handling the student data, you will require to do the tiresome job of typing code to create insert form with all fields of the student record along with database insert code, then you will require to exhibit that data in the form of HTML table. Post that, you will need to write code for update form for same fields and deletion of student data from the database table. This typically consists of 1000s of lines of code. If you are willing to ease up this erroneous task of writing codes, you must definitely try your hands at PDO Crud – best php crud generator.

Why choose PDO Crud?

PDO Crud is an excellent PHP-based CRUD application. Normally, most of the PHP Crud builders supports only MYSQL database whereas PDO Crud is the best crud generator application that supports all the four databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and SQLite databases. You can apply this PHP MySQL CRUD generator structure to create both the front-end and back-end of your application.  Just by writing just two to three lines of code, you can perform insert, update, delete, and select operations with an interactive table. You only need to generate objects and perform functions for items in the database; everything else will be generated automatically. This free PHP crud generator will help you ease all your operations. 

Form fields will be created based on the data type. You can eliminate fields, change the type of fields, and do numerous types of customization too. PDO Crud renders various shortcodes that can be used to perform the PDOCrud operations right from backend so that a non-technical person can also handle this application. Users can apply the core php code to perform CRUD operations. 

When speaking of frameworks, Laravel makes the development process a pleasing one for the developer without sacrificing application functionality whereas CodeIgniter is a compelling PHP framework with a very diminutive footprint, formulated for developers who need a simplistic and sophisticated toolkit to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter crud generator free download can also be performed for all your Crud related operations. PDO Crud works excellently with both Laravel and Codeigniter framework. It makes you work more efficiently and help you save your valuable time. 

Features of Crud Builder

  • Create forms directly from the database without any code – This feature helps in creating the forms directly from the database without writing a single line of code. The only thing user needs to do is to create a database. After this, the easy PHP database creator automatically generates the form fields from the database table.
  • Create crud directly from the database without any code – User can easily generate crud open source for the database i.e. create, read, update and delete the data directly from the database without writing any code. 
  • Add Record – Users can Create or insert a new record to the database.
  • Update Record – Update selected record in the database.
  • View or Delete – This easy PHP generator database allows the users can Read or retrieve database records or Delete or removing a selected record from the table.
  • Export Data – Users can export data in CSV, Excel or PDF Format
  • Inline Edit and delete – You can Edit or Delete Inline record from the table.
  • Captcha & Google map support – PDOCrud supports google map and captcha for security.
  • Multilanguage support – PDOCrud can work with multiple languages
  • Column Switch operation – PDOCrud supports Column Switch operation.
  • Bulk Data Update in Table – With this easy php generator database, You can use added crud table bulk data update operation to change values directly in crud table.
  • Autosuggestion Search – Autosuggestion can be added in the search box which automatically displays the saved data according to the search made by the user.
  • User Access Management – A comprehensive user-based login and access management is added in this feature.
  • Top Action Buttons – Action buttons can be shown on the top right section of the grid near to the add button. It will be beneficial if you need to perform some operation on a complete grid.

We might have approached at the end of the article, however, the list of features offered by PDO Crud doesn’t seem to cease. There are still lots more features offered by this plugin which the users can explore at  pdocrud.com. The best thing about this best php crud generator is that the author constantly tries to add supplementary features and provide excellent support. Considering the features offered by PDO Crud and frequent updates, it can be stated that it is offered at quite a reduced price. You will be equipped to do nearly all the crud associated actions using PDO crud. Whether you are developing an application from the scratch or appending more features in the existing application, pdocrud.com is beneficial for both the cases.