WordPress PDO Crud – Crud & Form Builder Plugin for wordpress

WordPress PDO Crud is powerful wordpress plugin to build forms and perform CRUD operation on frontend and backend both. It is built using PDOCrud php script which is an advance PHP based CRUD application.

PDOCrud application helps to perform complete crud operations by just writing 2-3 lines of code only. You can build forms directly from database tables in few seconds just by writing 2-3 lines of code. All insert/update/delete/view code is managed by the script.

WordPress PDO Crud provides various shortcodes that can be used to perform the PDOCrud operations directly from backend so that a non technical person can also use the application.

You can use both shortcodes and core php code to perform CRUD operations. You can perform crud operation in frontend as well as backend.

You can perform crud operation on wordpress any table or if you want to use the some other database, you just need to change the config database settings only.

Please note that PDOCrud application uses bootstrap so make sure your theme css doesn’t conflict with bootstrap before using this plugin. In case your theme css conflict, you need to manage it yourself.

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