Default Field types Default field type generated based on data type/name of column

PDOCrud automatically generates the type of field based on the data type/name of the column of table. For example, if your database column is of type integer then it will automatically generate the field as type numeric.

Apart from field type, PDOCrud also takes name into account for example if you have column name "email" in your table and data type defined is varchar then also it will convert field to type email. Ofcourse, you can override the type of field using the fieldTypes function.

                            $pdocrud = new PDOCrud();
                            //You can enable these settings directly from config
                            $pdocrud->setSettings("enumToSelect", true);
                            $pdocrud->setSettings("setToSelect", true);
                            echo $pdocrud->dbTable("field_types")->render("insertform");

Default field type using PDOCrud